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Sea Change

My, it’s been awhile since I posted. Obviously, we got back from Pennsylvania OK, though I never want to make that trip by car again — 9 1/2 hours of pushing to get there and back, focussed on the road and the other nuts on it, to say nothing of some very high places that had my heart in my mouth. Next time, I take the train.

On one hand, I wish our son lived closer. At times like this, it’s very comforting to feel as if someone cares about you, as in, you come home and there’s a hot meal on the table and clean clothes in your drawer. But we do see a big difference in him — he looks as if he is finding his own place in the world, with a job he loves and an area of the country totally unassociated with The Parents. This is what used to happen to young men when there was a military draft. They’d leave home still boys, and come home men, mostly with a sense of purpose and an awareness that they had something valuable to contribute to the world at large. I’m beginning to see that in Chris. And it’s very nice to see.

Meanwhile — just keep praying, I guess, that the really Right One comes along. I know she’s out there somewhere. I just hope we all recognize her when she does show up (it took my in-laws nearly 25 years to appreciate the fact that my presence in their son’s life was a good thing….) =:0

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