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I knew that eventually, I’d get tagged with this. Well, it’s one way of getting people to post when nothing else is going on in life. 😉

Foursquare Meme
I’ve been tagged by Philippa. So here goes….

4 Movies You Could Watch Over and Over
1. You’ve Got Mail
2. A Man for All Seasons
3. Becket
4. Men in Black (I and II)

4 Places You Have Lived
1. New York, New York
2. Moerfelden, Hesse, Germany
3. Waltham, Massachusetts
4. Rochester, New Hampshire

4 TV Shows You Love To Watch
1. Law & Order
2. JAG
3. Old movies

4 Places You Have Been On Vacation
1. Milton, New Hampshire
2. Schillerslage, Germany
3. Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany
4. Northwestern Connecticut

4 Websites You Visit Daily (other than blogs)
1. ROCOR website
2. WMUR (local news)
3. Blogline.com
4. Yahoo.com

4 Of Your Favorite Foods
1. pascha (Russian Easter Cheese)
2. kulich (Russian Easter cake)
3. homemade chicken soup
4. anything German

4 Places You Would Rather Be Right Now
1. Church
2. Moerfelden, Germany
3. Lansdale, Pennsylvania, with our second kid
4. Home, because it’s close to our first kid, and because it’s home

4 Bloggers You are Tagging
1. Christa
2. Alana Juliana
3. Christopher
4. Emily

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