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A telephone call today, while I was out for a walk. Our son Christopher left a message: He’s got a new job.


This particular job is in White River Junction, Vermont, which is about two hours northwest of where we live. It’s the Real Deal — not a tiny little short-line railroad, but a large corporation, RailAmerica, which owns and operates New England Central, a line that runs from the Canadian border to New London, CT. It’s also one step up from his current place of employment: top speed on New Hope and Ivyland’s track is 15 mph, and on the New England Central, it’s 40 mph. So Chris will have good opportunity to learn and grow on this job.

I hasten to add that he did enjoy his job at New Hope very much, except for one thing: It’s There, and all his friends and family are Here. When he was home for Thanksgiving, he was so bitterly homesick that it broke my heart to listen to him; but that was the visit that decided him to look for work closer to home. When he came home for Christmas, he had a job interview with New England Central on December 21. He’s been on pins and needles ever since, though he said that he wouldn’t have been especially sorry if the job hadn’t come through; he was leaving this in the hands of the Almighty, and so have I been, asking Him to grant Chris a job “closer to Home, as Thou definest Home.” (Well, on this earth, anyway — I’m not quite ready to see my only son go HOME home.)

Yes, I’m happy about it. Not only should we be able to see him at least a little more frequently (depending on his job schedule), but also, this puts the final chapter on the Ruth Catastrophe. He can put that behind him once and for all, and move on. He still says he’s not up for any more romance (and after his last experience, I can hardly blame him), but I am of the firm conviction that God created a woman for every man, and a man for every woman, so she’s out there somewhere. (Monastics aren’t really an exception, except that the men and women created for each other have chosen to give their lives completely to God.) The other half of my prayer is that God will bring them together, and that they will have the sense to realize it and do something about it.

I’m sure I’m not making too much sense. I’m too happy to make sense at all. CHRIS IS COMING HOME!!!!

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Peculiar Me

The first meme (here, anyway) of 2007. I got tagged by Philippa. Six things peculiar to me (I love Philippa’s comment, “ONLY six?!” It’s so apropos).

1) I really am not awfully fond of children, in general. Which does nothing to explain the fact that if I’d have my druthers, I’d have had at least six of my own. There’s something about one’s own offspring, who are altogether wonderful, sterling, and generally God’s Gift to the Universe — but Other People’s Children aren’t. Go figure.

2) I love watching Law and Order reruns. (Something Philippa and I have in common.) Also JAG reruns, and I’m not-quite-but-almost addicted to the JAG spin-off, NCIS. My favorite NCIS character is the Goth lab tekkie, Abby — what’s weird about that is that I am about as straight-up button-down as they come!

3) I love to sing Matins and Vespers. Ever since I had those music courses at Holy Trinity Monastery in Jordanville, I’ve been impossibly in love with singing Matins and Vespers. Mind you, I could never do this if I still had real people at home.

4) I am a certifiable Wool Snob. Wool Snobs are people who will knit with nothing else. Being a Wool Snob, I also love the critters who produce wool, namely, sheep. I’m told by local shepherds that sheep have an undeserved reputation for being stupid. They are not stupid, say the shepherds, just very, very wacky. Hmmm, I see a definite connection between me and them.

5) I always hang my laundry out of doors to dry, unless it’s freezing cold. Then I hang it up indoors, on racks, to add moisture to the house. Even sheets. The worst, for me, is when it rains two weeks straight in the summer and I have to take it to the laundromat to dry it. Yecch.

6) I hate travel. Even train travel, and if I absolutely have to travel, the train is the only way to do it, in my not-so-humble opinion. But in general, I hate packing, I hate leaving my snug little haven, I hate going out into the wide world and living out of a suitcase for however long, and I even hate coming home again, because that means I’ve been away from home. Even going to the monastery in Jordanville, although once I’m there, it’s the only place I really love besides home and my parish church. But I really dislike getting there and back, probably because we drive and I don’t trust other drivers.

Whom to tag?? Philippa has already tagged Mimi, and already did this meme herself. Hmmm… Christa, Alana, and Catherine. Tag! You’re it!

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2006 in Review

Cribbed from Mimi.

Go to the FIRST BLOG of each month for the past year.Copy-n-paste the LAST SENTENCE of each blog.That is your Year in Review.

January: Some people would just say I should be committed, period. And I’m beginning to agree.

February: At least when I die, I will lose the ability to sin. And that’s a relief.

March: [Aunt Clara is] someone I keep in my prayers. She was so much more important to me than she ever knew.

April: It’s in the Scottish New Testament, when Mary Magdalene sees the risen Christ and thinks He’s the gardener, then realizes Who He is and reaches out for Him, and what does He say? Well, in Scots: “Quit grabbin’ at me, woman!”

May: Thanks for listening.

June: So let this sum up all my days:”She lifted up her voice in praise.”

July: I plan to take icons fo St. Marina and St. John of San Francisco with me. Meanwhile, prayers would be appreciated.

August: I have a dreadful suspicion that I will be fretting into eternity about great-great-great grandchildren — or maybe I should just leave that to their great-great grandparents???

September: I think we’ll stay put as long as we can. Hopefully, till it’s our turn to move in with a kid. :->

October: And once everything is closed up and healed, I will be able to receive Communion again — how I have missed that.

November: 100. Become a follower of Jesus Christ

December: 22. What do you leave for Santa? We’ve never done that. As a kid, I’d never heard of it.

Now, a note: This struck me as so uninspiring, as a Year in Review, that I had to keep checking the instructions at the top to make sure I was doing it correctly. Hope others have more success with this one.

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