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2006 in Review

Cribbed from Mimi.

Go to the FIRST BLOG of each month for the past year.Copy-n-paste the LAST SENTENCE of each blog.That is your Year in Review.

January: Some people would just say I should be committed, period. And I’m beginning to agree.

February: At least when I die, I will lose the ability to sin. And that’s a relief.

March: [Aunt Clara is] someone I keep in my prayers. She was so much more important to me than she ever knew.

April: It’s in the Scottish New Testament, when Mary Magdalene sees the risen Christ and thinks He’s the gardener, then realizes Who He is and reaches out for Him, and what does He say? Well, in Scots: “Quit grabbin’ at me, woman!”

May: Thanks for listening.

June: So let this sum up all my days:”She lifted up her voice in praise.”

July: I plan to take icons fo St. Marina and St. John of San Francisco with me. Meanwhile, prayers would be appreciated.

August: I have a dreadful suspicion that I will be fretting into eternity about great-great-great grandchildren — or maybe I should just leave that to their great-great grandparents???

September: I think we’ll stay put as long as we can. Hopefully, till it’s our turn to move in with a kid. :->

October: And once everything is closed up and healed, I will be able to receive Communion again — how I have missed that.

November: 100. Become a follower of Jesus Christ

December: 22. What do you leave for Santa? We’ve never done that. As a kid, I’d never heard of it.

Now, a note: This struck me as so uninspiring, as a Year in Review, that I had to keep checking the instructions at the top to make sure I was doing it correctly. Hope others have more success with this one.

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