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Dear Philippa has a nifty new thingie on her site called “Menologion.” I followed the link, and now I have it too! I think hers is for the New Calendar, and mine is for the Old Calendar, so between us, we have the bases covered. 😉

Chris is home for the weekend, and took me out to dinner for Mother’s Day, along with Jim. We went to a seafood place, where I had a chicken Caesar salad — Jim said, “Don’t you want seafood?” and I replied, “When you eat seafood half the year, you learn to appreciate the half the year you don’t have to.” Ah, Orthodoxy.

(And I’m dying to add a family anecdote, about the year my son and daughter collaborated on a Mother’s Day card for me that was signed, “Happy M—er’s Day.” The knitters among us will understand that there are certain words best not uttered aloud among us woolfolk.)

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