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…as Columbo used to say.

This past Sunday, our Hierarch, Metropolitan Methodios, came to visit our parish. (Which is its own story: He called our priest on Monday and said, “Oh, by the way, I have an opening in my calendar for this Sunday, and I’d like to come visit.” Gulp.) Anyway, he came, he saw, whether or not he conquered the choir is still up for grabs 😉 — but the point is, he preached the most wonderful sermon. I’ve never heard a sermon like this.

For one thing, he cited the text of this past Sunday’s Gospel, the story of the blind man by the side of the road who asks Jesus for his sight. The Metropolitan said that the Church gives us this Gospel at this time of year because we are all in darkness, stumbling around like the blind man, and we should remember that the Light of Christ is coming to us.

But the other thing he said that really grabbed my attention was that the blind man cried out, and Christ — God — stopped walking and paid attention to him. And the Metropolitan said, When we pray, we stop God in His tracks, and He listens to us.

Think about that.

When we pray, we stop God in His tracks. And He listens to us.

Holy cow.

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Since I was out of the house at 9:30 today and didn’t get home till 4:30, there wasn’t too much I was able to do on this front. Today’s effort was getting the breakfast dishes done before I left the house, and making the beds. This is more of a triumph than ordinary tidy housewives might think: There have been days when the dishes didn’t get washed till half an hour before dh came through the door, and as for making beds…well…

I love the sight of a made-up bed, so I never thought twice about it until dh asked me not to make up his bed — “It’s easier to get into when it’s left unmade.”

This is the same person who comes from the family that never put anything away in the kitchen because, “We’ll just have to get it out again.” And I seriously wonder why my house always looks like a bomb hit it?!

So the bed stayed unmade, for a few years, actually. Once a week I’d change the sheets, but that was it.

Then we had the house blessed. Our new priest decided that a good way for him to meet the parish would be to bless everyone’s houses over the summer, and since ours hadn’t been done at Theophany (the weather was crappy), I invited him over to do that. And to have the house blessed — you have to have tidy rooms.

And dh discovered that, wonder of wonders, it’s kind of nice to sleep in a made-up bed.

So that is my contribution to making this home a haven for today. Actually, pretty much every day, since the house got blessed, but since I was out of the house all day, I decided this would have to count for half a brownie point. 🙂

(The chief reason I was out for so long is that I went to confession. My spiritual father’s parish is 40 miles away. 40 miles over roads that are not entirely clear of ice and snow is, um, interesting. But I really needed to go to confession. Now to put the results into practice — I need to go sing Vespers.)

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