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Please Tell Me…

…it isn’t already almost the end of January.

Sigh. I knew it was, really. I just can’t believe that I haven’t posted in almost a month.

It hasn’t been all that bad a month, either, but Jim’s been working from home, which really limits computer time. The up side of that is that I’ve gotten quite a bit done on my cross stitches (see above). I am particularly pleased with the detail on the Golden Tikhvin Theotokos, from Solaria Gallery — I have included the link in case anyone else is interested in seeing the kinds of cross stitch this wonderful lady designs. The detail is simply incredible.

Some people have e-mailed me recently asking about my father-in-law. Let’s just say that he is proving to me how much Christian development I really need; over December, I had a mini-meltdown, in that I got so overwhelmed that I was unable to process the need to pay bills, so got behind on several (not too radically, and we’re all caught up now). The main reason for this, I think, is, as my husband put it, “Every time we open a piece of [his father’s] mail, it creates a month’s worth of work on his behalf.”

And yesterday was no exception, as I went to the nursing home to pay his monthly bill there — a five-minute errand — and ended up hanging around to get a list of his prescriptions because, guess what, we never even thought to enroll him in Medicare Part D!!! And the nursing home is no longer direct-billing his medications, so we will now have to pay that bill. He has the money — I’m not worried about that — it’s just one more d*** thing I have to do on his behalf, while he sits there, consuming food and oxygen, and raising his fist to his son when we go to visit. (I nearly kicked him when he did that last Sunday.) He isn’t senile, either, and he isn’t mean-tempered with the staff — just with his only child.

Pray for me, because I’ll never get into heaven on the strength of my charitable thoughts for my husband’s “father.”

And I am back taking Russian. Why? Because I hate myself??? I don’t know. But I really love the two department heads, even if they are atheists. 😉 And it is my last grammar class — after this, I’ll have to take literature classes or something to stay current with what I’ve learned.

So — life continues. More or less. Now I have to file all the paperwork from an afternoon of paying bills. And I’m going to post this blog before I get started on another rant. =:0

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