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Commitment to Loveliness

It’s either that, or commitment to the funny farm.    😉

Before I Go There (to the topic, not to the funny farm), quick update on Dad:  So far, so good.  He appears to have had nothing more than a bladder infection, and is responding well to antibiotics.  They continue to insist that he’s senile, but I don’t know how they can say that, since he answers all the questions coherently, if not with the Expected Correct Answer — I mean, if you ask him a question about baseball, for example, he knows you’re talking about baseball.  What more do these nincompoops want?!

(And I had meant to note that when he was admitted, no one submitted a list of medications.  My sister and brother were promptly chastised for “forgetting” to submit the list, only to be told that Dad isn’t on any medications.  The medicos are still trying to figure out how he has survived this long Without Meds.  Are we that far gone as a society that we have to be drugged up in order to be living?!)

On to sanity.  The lovely and charming Emma (see Blog Roll right) posts a periodic Commitment to Loveliness, meant to bring beauty and femininity into the lives of her readers.  Her list is a lot more genteel than my list, though.  Hers is here:

Commitment to Loveliness 

Mine is more like:

  1. Make the beds every day (note:  still to be done.  It’s now 6:35 pm).
  2. Pay the bills.
  3. Get dh to sign the taxes, and get them outta here.
  4. Go through the plethora of catalogues, tear off the back pages, tear out the order forms, and shred the lot.
  5. Oh, and 100 stitches per day on Maryland Mountain Express (see wallpaper at the top of this blog).

Somehow, I don’t think I quite have the Hang of this Loveliness thing — but I promise you, each of those things above will enhance loveliness in my life, because it will enhance sanity.  Enhancing sanity is lovely.

DH is home.  Off to make one bed, anyway.

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