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Can It Really Be?!?!

Mimi wrote me the other day to ask if we still had snow in New Hampshire, and the answer is: Yes and No.

I went to visit my stepfather yesterday. It’s confirmed that he had a mild stroke at the end of last month, and now he needs 24/7 supervision, so yesterday was my first bit. On the way up to his house — he lives about 15 miles north of my house — I was noticing the gradual progression of snow piles, from nonexistent at my end to about a foot of solid ice along his street. But then, his street is a long country road lined with pine trees, so it will take the sun awhile to get to all that grubby stuff; and then, as I noted, it is solid ice by now.

But at my end, it’s pretty much all gone. I have a Catholic church next to my house, complete with that huge expanse of lawn that all Catholic churches seem to have (even in the cities), and there is still a respectable pile of snow around the edges of that lawn, where the snow plow dug out the church driveway. But in my yard, the last of it melted today. I can hardly believe it. I have just tried to insert a photo we took of the pile of snow in our driveway at the beginning of March, and you can see that it’s about as high as my husband, who’s 5’8″. I won’t say I thought it would never melt, but there were times when it was tempting to wonder.

So to all my friends who live in milder, sweeter climes — yes, spring finally has a firm foothold in New Hampshire! We are a hardy lot, for sure…

(Update: I seem to be having trouble figuring out how to insert that photo. I may end up updating this post one more time. This is one aspect of Bloglines that I liked better, for sure.)

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