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Father Count

(Mimi knows what’s coming.)

Elsewhere on this blog, I have commented about my priest’s Romanian accent, and that he sounds a bit like Count Dracula. But it took my husband to hit the nail on the head: “That’s who he reminds me of, The Count, from Sesame Street!”

In case there is anyone reading this not familiar with this character, it’s a puppet, complete with black cape, widow’s peak hair, slightly slanted eyes, fangs, and a Romanian accent. He always introduces himself: “Greetings! I am the Count. Do you know why they call me the Count? Because I love to count things.” His chief purpose is to provide the numbers component of Sesame Street, but there are usually a number of off-the-wall puns that make The Count my favorite character.

Yesterday was a marathon session at church. I’m supposed to work four hours a day. I showed up at 10:30, and left at 5:00. In between, we spent the whole time working on the Sunday bulletin, which needed a one-page insert describing a number of events connected with Holy Week (such as our needing donations for the flowers on Christ’s Tomb, a Holy Week training session for the altar boys, and a parish spruce-up day). It took awhile because we added a lot of graphics — I guess Father is a visual learner, because he does a lot with graphics — and then he said, “All right, let’s print one. One little piece of paper.”

It was raining. If it had thundered, I don’t think I could have controlled myself. As it was, all I could think of was, “One! One little piece of paper!”

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