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Four Things About Me

Cribbed from Philippa.

A) FOUR PLACES I GO OVER AND OVER: Church, supermarket, school, Dad’s.

B) FOUR PEOPLE WHO ENCOURAGED MY FAITH ALONG THE WAYFr. Dean, Fr. Basil, Fr. Costin, and all my internet cronies, who are far better Orthodox Christians than I’ll ever be!

C) FOUR OF MY FAVORITE FOODShamburger, salmon, rote Grütze with ricotta cheese, strawberries-peaches-and-cream.

D) FOUR PLACES I WOULD RATHER BE RIGHT NOW(OK, Jim, this one’s for you)  Church, church, church, and church.  Seriously.

E) FOUR MOVIES I WOULD WATCH OVER AND OVERWhere Eagles Dare, Ostrov, Miss Congeniality, My Big Fat Greek Wedding.  (A note about Miss Congeniality:  It’s as if my old colleagues over at the U.S. Customs Service put their heads together and said, “If we made a movie about Meg, what would it look like?”  That never happened, because two of them were dead before the movie came out, but it’s always weird watching this movie.  And it’s still one of my favorites.)

F) FOUR THINGS I LIKE ABOUT THE ORTHODOX CHURCHThe joy, the take on hell (it’s the Presence of God for anyone who hates God), the Horologion, the music.

G) FOUR OF MY FAVORITE HOBBIESReading, knitting, cross stitch, bicycling — when I could cycle.

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