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This afternoon, Father got into work so late that I had all the work done (i.e., the Sunday bulletin) — he just looked it over, pronounced it a done deal (at least, it’s done unless we get any more news, so we won’t print till Friday), and then I had a chance to sit down with him and talk about this dissonance thing.

Good priest that he is, the first thing he said was that we shouldn’t be speculating about the relationship of the Trinity to One Another.  Good point.  Then he said that dissonances are actually very important, even in relationship with God, since they tell us what we need to work on, to bring ourselves into harmony with God.

Now where in Western Christendom would you find that point of view?!

In commenting on the last post, Mimi wrote, “I heart Fr. C!”  Me too, me too!  He is hands down the best priest I have ever known, and I feel so blessed that he’s in our parish!  Now…how to ensure that he stays put until he retires???

(Actually — believe it or not, the poor soul was on the receiving end of a couple of critical comments having to do with there being no dinner after Paschal services — a tradition of only ten years’ standing in this parish, and occasioned by the fact that the woman who’s done it for the past ten years took a break, and no one else stepped up to take her place — and he mentioned that he had been feeling a bit depressed about the negativity in the parish.  It gave me a good excuse to tell him that between Emily and me, he is becoming famous in the blogosphere as a Wunderkind.  He laughed an embarrassed little laugh and said he was over his depression by now, but he still looked pleased.  So I do worry about this parish wearing him out, and am trying to think of ways to keep his spirits up without being too obvious about it.)

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