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Yesterday I returned to work. Nothing radical, it was just that the Sunday bulletin needed to be written, and that’s my job, and I was up for it. I still can’t drive, so Fr. Costin picked me up and drove me in to church. I must say, he was flatteringly ecstatic at the thought of not having to work up the bulletin himself. I can’t think why, it’s a boilerplate job; but maybe that’s because my talent is secretarial, and his is sacerdotal. (Like that one?!)

OK, so we get in to church, I get down to work, and so does he. He has phone calls to make, and a couple of visitors, and pretty soon I’m as done as I can be without further input from him; but he’s still in his office with a visitor, and can’t be disturbed. This has happened before, and I always end up checking e-mail and playing card games and other useless stuff. Not yesterday. Yesterday I grabbed my project bag, which was kitted up with Teresa Wentzler’s Needle Guardian.

I had a little piece of tail and part of the bottom chain done when Father came out, escorted his visitor to the door, and came back. “What are you doing?” he said. He knows I do cross stitch, and appeared intrigued by the variety of colors and the bag I had all my materials in. I explained it as quickly as I could — like most craft people, I can talk for hours about my favorite topic — and then he said, “And what are you making?”

Well, when I showed him the little dragon, and the saying next to it, he burst out laughing, then said, “I could use something like that for my diocesan vestments. When we all serve Liturgy together, we all wear the same pattern, and everyone’s vestments are always getting mixed up.” “What,” I said, “‘Fr. Costin’s vestments — touch ’em and you’re toast’?” “No,” he said, “more like, ‘touch them and you’ll have to answer to Meg.”

What could I say — I just pointed at him and said, “You got it.” To be honest, I rather like that idea. Now, what do you all think of vestments covered with glowering little dragons? 😉

(By the way, I tried twice to add an image of the pattern, but this thing won’t let me add any more images — I don’t know why. Very frustrating. Just click on the link, or up top, where it says, “Needle Guardian, by Teresa Wentzler” — you should be able to get there just fine. It is a cute pattern.)

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