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…how do you stand the heat?!?! Today’s high was 99F, and all I can think is, “This is only June…”  It wouldn’t be so bad if I could afford to sit around stark naked, but I would probably forget and answer the door like that; and with my figure, whoever it was would pass out from the sheer grossness.

I figured it was time for another update, not that there’s much to say.  And you know what?  THANKS BE TO GOD.  After the last go-round, boring is sweet.  I am perking along, mending quietly, going about my daily affairs; today I drove myself to work, and sat around for two hours while Father Count tried to get the printer to print some pages of the parish newsletter in color, and some in black-and-white (it wants to print either all-color, which costs an arm and a leg, or all black-and-white, which doesn’t do justice to the new icons he wants to show off in the newsletter) — and then we ran out of toner, and naturally we didn’t have any more on hand.  So outside of the half-hour I put in on minor corrections, today was a write-off, in terms of time.

Tomorrow I will have to go in to work and sit around some more because UPS is supposed to deliver the toner tomorrow.  Thing is, I can only be there for two hours  because I have a check-up scheduled for tomorrow.  And after the check-up, instead of tooling along merrily to the cross-stitch shop that’s 30 miles away from my house but only 10 miles from the doctor’s, I will have to get back to the office to keep an eye out for the UPS guy, on the off chance I didn’t miss him while I was at the doctor’s.

I am also mightily annoyed that I didn’t think to make sure we had toner on hand.  Memo:  Never assume that people have brains.  Not even theoretical physicists.  Double check everything yourself.  It saves aggravation in the long run.

Yeah, I’m grumpy.  Heat does that to me.  And too many cold suppers.  I have three cold suppers in my repertoire, and today uses the last of them.  I could have four, but dh doesn’t like strawberries, peaches, and cream for supper.


Oh, wait.  I don’t really have anything to grumble about.  I AM MENDING BEAUTIFULLY BORINGLY.  THANKS BE TO GOD!!!

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