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Six Weeks

Hard to believe that I have been back from Jordanville for six weeks, now.  Where have I been?  Not on my computer at home, that’s for sure.

Well — that’s not strictly speaking true.  I do get on it for about two hours on Saturday mornings so I can put together Choir Cues, which I think all of you are familiar with.  But I have been making a conscious effort to cut down on computer time when Jim is home, which is increasingly frequently, now that he works at least three days a week out of our house.

Then there are the two days a week I stay with my stepfather, who had a stroke back in March.  Nothing ultra-serious, he just can’t be left alone, in case he starts to cook a meal for himself and forgets he left the stove on.  Or goes for a walk and forgets that he hasn’t lived in the Bronx since he was eight years old, and he’s now 93.  (You’d think the trees in rural NH would give him a hint.)  So two days a week I stay with him, and two days a week one of my brothers stays with him, and the rest of the time he lives with my sister and her family.  It works out, but it does limit my time online.

And the job, which I mentioned some months ago.  I now have authority (what a horrible word) to open the mail and file the paid-up invoices.  I also received permission from the priest to clean out the desk in the front office, which had become a messy little nest of odds and ends that nobody seemed to know what to do with.  In the process, I came across a fistful of checks that had been squirrelled away by the previous inhabitant of that desk some 3-4 months earlier, so my stock rose considerably then, and was further enhanced when I was looking for my old library supplies (I used to run the parish library back in the day, too), and came across a further stash of checks dating from last Christmas. So now I bring in the mail.  The person who used to do this doesn’t know about the changes in office procedure yet — he and his wife went on an extended vacation to visit family back in May.  I am not looking forward to the opera when he comes back and finds that his little fiefdom has been dismantled.  But that has also interfered with blogging and e-mail.

I am sorry.  None of you knew me back in the day; I lost my job when the priest at the time decided he wanted his crony’s wife in the office, and just yanked the rug out from under my feet.  The priest who followed him had his own built-in parish, in the form of a wife and four kids, and they ran the whole show — just as well, really, since this is the priest whose ecumenist practices I really couldn’t handle, and I ended up leaving the parish for six years.  So for all of those years, and the one before, I’ve been an internet ghost, haunting the ether and getting engaged with the cyber-world.  Now that I have a real life back, it’s going to take some time to figure out how to juggle my responsibilities, and still maintain the dear friends I’ve made online.

More on Jordanville when I’m able to — hopefully, before another six weeks have gone by.

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