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I got this idea from Philippa, and have been wanting to do it for some time.  So!

From The Simple Woman’s Daybook:

FOR TODAY, January 26, 2009…

Outside my window…  It’s pitch black, not unreasonable for 4:45 am on a January morning.  (I couldn’t sleep.)  Over the past two weeks there was a lot of snow, and the resulting scenery looks like the proverbial picture postcard — or, as my husband put it, considering how difficult it is to move such a volume of snow, the Postcard from Hades.

I am thinking…  of all the things I have to do just to get the house in order before leaving for work.  Does that count as real thinking??

I am thankful for…  the phone call I had with my son last night.  He is a truly good person, and I am increasingly grateful for his presence in our lives.

From the learning rooms…  I have an opportunity to take a writing course that, while not a guarantee of publishing, will show me how to contact publishers and present my work.  It isn’t cheap — what in education is? — but I do have my husband’s agreement that I can spend the money on this course, so I think I will go ahead with it.

From the kitchen…  the kitchen, at this moment, is as dark as the rest of the house.  On tap for tonight — not sure, it depends on communications from my husband.  Either Shepherd’s Pie, or Brunswick Stew.

I am wearing…  WARM CLOTHES.  Specifically, a dark-brown ankle-length skirt, lighter-brown turtleneck sweater, and a taupe cowl-neck sweater over that.  Sub-zero temperatures are a royal pain.

I am creating…  a revision of the third novel in my series.

I am going…  to work, around 10:00 am, as I do every Monday, Thursday, and Friday.

I am reading…  about three books at once.  Seriously, there’s Watching the English, a book about the idiosyncrasies of English behavio(u)r; The Englisher, the second in Beverly Lewis’s Amish series, Annie’s People; and Bread and Water, Wine and Oil, a (thankfully) simple book about the importance of sacraments in Orthodox worship.

I am hoping…  that the noise I am hearing coming out of my stove isn’t a squirrel or a rat or something equally awful — but that’s one ghastly grinding noise, and I can’t think what’s causing it.  My husband heard the same noise over the weekend.  Thing is, the top of our stove is sealed, so we can’t lift the lid to see whatever there is to be seen.  Suggestions??

I am hearing…  See above note.

Around the house…  Best described by a plaque I once saw in a friend’s house, “This house is protected by killer dust balls.”

One of my favorite things…  Cross stitch.  See photo below.

A few plans for the rest of the week:  Conquering Mount Washmore (if I thought I could get away with it, I would seriously have engraved on my tombstone the thought from The Cloister Walk, “At last her laundry’s done”); keeping up with the house as best I can, especially since it’s That Time of Year again (when the priest comes to bless the house); hopefully, continued work on Maryland Mountain Express (photo below).

Here is a picture thought I am sharing…

cross stitch from Candamar Designs

cross stitch from Candamar Designs

This is a project I’ve been working on for my son for about three years now — Candamar put it out as an embellished cross stitch, but I decided I didn’t want to give my son a picture full of little holes (in embellished cross stitch, you only stitch certain parts of the painting, not the whole thing), so ran the photo through a cross-stitch program and am now working it as a full cross-stitch.  I am 20 rows shy of being 60% done.

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