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Groan Kids

My husband, bless his heart, desperate for news of our son, googled one of the groups we know he belongs to, and found his blog.  It makes for entertaining reading, overall, but in his next-to-last post, we learned that we were almost reading his last post:  Apparently, he came within two feet of sliding down a snowbank and falling under a moving train, working as he has been in the middle of the night.  This is not the kind of thing you need to read two hours before bedtime.  I’ve always said that my son’s guardian angel works overtime, and all I can say is, I will do anything that angel asks, if he continues to work overtime.  Obviously, this kid needs it.

Then there is our daughter.  The ongoing estrangement between her and us is a continuing, and continual, source of grief to both of us, since neither of us can think what to do to overcome it.  I’ve apologized to her (a generic apology, since I have absolutely no idea what either of us did to offend her); I’ve visited her; I’ve telephoned her.  I am at a loss to know what else to do or say.  Calling her is awkward in any case, since she’s now the primary breadwinner in her household and presumably needs to keep the phone free during the day, and I don’t want to risk waking the kids up at night.

I have to say that, nice as it is to know that they are both grown up and capable of leading their own lives — I never expected to be shut out of their lives altogether.  And I don’t know how to fix it.

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Somebody on one of my favorite lists remarked that it was Great Lent, which prompted a flurry of similar posts.  For those who don’t get the concept of Great Lent — so called to distinguish it from the lesser fasting seasons of the Orthodox Church — this is when you’re supposed to struggle with those areas of your life that are incompatible with Christian living.  You abstain from meat and dairy (usually — I know a few people, myself included, who need to keep a modified fast), you attend more church services (again, usually — those of us who are married to non-Orthodox know what a hassle this can be), and generally try to put right those things that have gone wrong in life.

The trouble is that for most of us, more things go wrong.  It’s as if all the little details of life go haywire so as to distract you from the real task at hand.

For example, I’m suddenly seeing little ants with wings crawling up the cable that leads from my cellar to the internet router.  Yeah, we all know about those Little Ants With Wings, right?!  I don’t think they’re termites, but carpenter ants are just as destructive.  Sigh.

Our five-year-old computer was slowing down so much that we decided it was just time to get a new one, which we did last week.  Bought a lot of software, too, so that we could both use the thing from home for our jobs — when I bought the last one, the hubster wasn’t working from home at all, and I’m pretty sure that the volume of stuff he needs for his job is what was slowing down a perfectly good Dell.  So we got it, and had “all” our stuff transferred from the oldie to the newbie.  Note the quotes around the word “all.”  I don’t know why something as simple as a computer game (Mah Jongg) didn’t transfer, but it didn’t, and neither did my Franklin Planner software — and that was re-installed off the disk.

About the only thing right in life is that Father Count’s little girl is doing better, so thank God for small favors.  Meanwhile — the beat, and Great Lent, go on.  Sigh.

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