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There’s this thing out there that I only became aware of this year, called Eastern Christian New Media Awards (that is “new,” not “news” — I checked), wherein people nominate their favorite blogs in such things as Funniest Blogs, Best Theology Blog, and Best Domestic Blog — all, of course, from the viewpoint of an Eastern Orthodox life.  A friend of mine posted about it, so I checked it out and voted for some of my favorite blogs — there were at least three that I would have liked to vote for in the Domestic category, but you could only vote for one.  Phooey.  However, I can and will mention that two of the Domestic blogs I would have liked to vote for, on one and the same ballot, are Mimi’s blog and Philippa’s blog.

With competition like these ladies, imagine my shock when I saw my own blog among them.  /jaw hanging open, eyes wide, drool f orming at the corner of my mouth/  OK, that last is a bit gross, but you get the idea.  Whoever nominated Muttonings, thank you!! Winning isn’t remotely on my radar scope, but I’d love to know how many votes I got.

And that’s all I have to say on the subject.  For someone who’s supposed to be a writer, this is not good.  But that’s how stunned I am.

(Oh, one final, purely domestic note:  I got the rest of my windows washed over Memorial Day weekend.  Thank God for my son, who took down all the curtains on the remaining windows and put them back up for me.  Washing the windows themselves wasn’t a problem because they’re all tilt-ins, but I wasn’t looking forward to the stepstool routine — and my son saved me from that.  God bless you, Chris!)

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