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Photos of My Porch

I’m not sure how many I can download at once, but I will do my best.

This is the Wall of Books, under the porch windows:

The Wall of Books

And here is the Ugly Blue Rug that “graced” our porch floor for 23 years (!):

Ugly Blue Rug Under Mess

Yes, it’s a mess, but you did ask.  We’ve been digging away at the mess for the past two weeks, and the Ugly Blue Rug is gone now.

Here’s our new reading nook:

Reading Nook, August 8 It actually looks a little different now — the bookcase has been moved to the Wall of Books, and I have a larger, though unfinished, bookcase next to my rocking chair now.  I love my “mail depot,” by the way!  PS:  The Morris chair is a genuine antique that has been in Jim’s family for literally a hundred years.

And the “Breakfast Area,” where we have been consuming all our meals for the past two weeks:

Breakfast Nook

Lastly, though it’s not on the porch, I couldn’t resist adding my icon corner from the living room:

Icon Corner

The area where the Ugly Blue Rug was has been substantially cleaned, and I hope to get photos of it up before long; but I’m hearing rumbles of thunder, and am not inclined to take any risks with this computer.  It’s new, and cost too darn much.

(OK, I did try to get the captions next to the photos, but that’s not working, so just read down, and I hope it’s clear.  Obviously, there are limits to WordPress.)

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