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Ya Win Some, Ya Lose Some

My sister’s daughter was married yesterday.  There is no way to describe what a beautiful wedding it was, in a beautiful setting — well, I felt bad that they chose to hold the ceremony at a country club, but the garden where it was held had a little gazebo, and overlooked the golf course lake.  The weather was what made the setting so striking — it was a cloudless day, brilliant sunshine, a bit chilly (around 60 degrees), and since the wedding took place at 5:30 in the evening, the golden autumn glow was in full force, and backlit everything, making it seem tranquil, serene — fill in your own favorite adjective.  I said I couldn’t describe it.    😉    But it was almost like God’s blessing on the couple.

The bride’s grandfather, an ordained minister in the Southern Baptist Convention, performed the ceremony, and there were about a hundred guests — all of them either immediate family, or friends of the bride and groom.  Afterwards we all went into the country club and had a very tasty dinner of either chicken or prime rib (we had a choice).  The DJ was too loud — why do all DJs insist on breaking people’s eardrums?! — so the hubster and I left early, but otherwise, we had a great time.

My stepfather was there, which was a relief.  His health has been iffy these past several months, and there was a point where we thought he might check out just a couple of weeks before the wedding; but he has been a part of this girl’s life every single day of it until she left home for college, so not having him there would have put a big pall on her wedding.  He did look confused and out of it, and left early.

I did get to catch up with my brother who lives in Florida, and as always he had us rocking with laughter with his wisecracks — I won’t go into them as they were of a fairly risque nature, but they were directed at my sister, with whom he has always been particularly close, and she was almost on the floor laughing, so no offense intended and none taken.  The hard part for me was the brother who got offended at comments I made about him on this blog; when I asked, “You talking to me?” he said, “No.”  OK, well, what are you gonna do?  Then he added, “Not unless an apology is involved.”  And I said, “For what?”  And he didn’t answer.

And that was that. I mean, he already got an apology for the comments I made; what more does he want?  He seemed to think I had referred to him as a “complete jerk” because he was defending Dad’s wish to return home, but that wasn’t it at all.  My sister had a hard choice to make at the time; she made it with a lot of agonizing, and needed family support.  And she wasn’t getting it from this one brother.  To be fair, he did note that he had volunteered to spend every other weekend with Dad, something I was unaware of at the time.  But that wasn’t awfully helpful the rest of the time,  when my sister and I would have been his sole caregivers, and Dad needed (and still needs) 24-hour care.

It’s pretty silly at this point, too, because my brother seems to have realized that Dad really does need to be in a facility — I mean, he confuses my brothers with his brothers, and my sister with his sister, and is wheelchair-bound — so what’s the issue?  For me, this was the only damper on the day, but as I said, I’ve already given an apology, so — what else is there to apologize for??


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