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As most of you know, nearly two years ago I became secretary to my parish priest.  The understanding between us was that although I would start as a volunteer, he would obtain a salary for me from the parish council.

Well — I’m sure you can guess what happened.  That salary never materialized.  From time to time I would bring it up, but the timing was never “right,” in terms of the mess left behind by the last priest and the amount of work needed to bring the parish back into some semblance of order.

Then my husband retired, and the subject of my working for pay arose again.  Now, keep in mind that I’m now 63 years old, so jobs aren’t going to be plentiful to begin with, but having proved myself and my skills, I went to Fr. Count and said, “We really need to do something about this funding now.”  And he agreed.

Of course, the Council shot it down at first, and Father really pushed.  Then he suggested that if the position weren’t funded at the beginning of the year, I should just step down and force the Council’s hand.  At the last Council meeting of the year, he made a strong case for needing a position created for a secretary, and mentioned that there was another woman in the parish who could be approached for the job, if the position were funded.

They voted to fund the position.  And install the other woman.

I’m not sure who I’m more furious with:  Father, for slicking me out of a job; the Council, for being such a collection of oafs that they would take on a woman who may not even have secretarial skills, for all we know (but hey, she has all the skills she needs — SHE’S GREEK!!!); or myself, for letting this happen to me again.  Mostly, I suspect, with myself.  I feel like such a fool.

At the moment, my chief concern is whether or not I should ask for the return of a set of Menaia I donated to the parish last year, fully expecting that I would be able to use them as needed.  They aren’t even Greek Menaia; they’re from the St. John of Kronstadt Press, the only English-language set I could buy “on time,” as it were, one book a month.  I could use those Menaia in preparing the Choir Cues, but it smacks of giving with one hand and taking with the other.  On the other hand, I was promised a salary that never materialized, and I was donating financially to the church, as well as the donation of time, and the donation of the Menaia.

And there is the question of jurisdiction.  My sympathies have always been with the Church Abroad, and having lost my job as a secretary in a Greek parish frees me up to rejoin ROCOR.  But my husband, who is finally beginning to consider becoming Orthodox, is more comfortable with a Greek priest whom we know  (not Fr. Count).

Time to figure out how to pray an Akathist.  Greeks aren’t big on Akathisty, except for the one during Great Lent.  I need some help from St. Xenia on this one.

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