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Fr. Baarsanuphius!

…and flock.

From left:  Abby, Millie, Fr Baarsanuphius, and the most senior member of the flock, Mrs. Mutton.

Mrs. Mutton has been with us for 25 years now.  She was an anniversary present at a time when knitting was my primary creative outlet, and she remained our sole sheep until 1997, when my husband was hospitalized with a blood clot.  In Boston.  While I was holding down the fort with two kids (one in college, one in high school at the time, but still), a job, and my very final exams coming up — the ones before I completed work on my degree.  Getting down to Boston to visit him involved so much figuring out and planning that he was home before I had figured out how to do it; but when I got word that he was there, I sent him flowers and a toy sheep to keep him company.  The toy sheep accompanied him home; he named her Millie for the millefleurs decorating her.  Abby was something he couldn’t resist, a stuffed lamb from a Scottish gift shop, and you already know how “Father Baa” came to live with us.  This was my first opportunity to post photos, since completing his riassa and skufia.

On Wednesday, I visited a priest I know in Saco, ME.  He has been my spiritual father for ten years, now, and it was time to catch up on Things.  I brought Fr. Baa along because I knew his secretary would get a charge out of him, and she did; but when Fr. B (no relation)    😉    saw him, he chuckled and said, “You have way too much time on your hands.”  (He knows about the events of last January.)  And I said, “Ya think?!”

Since Wednesday afternoon, I have been wrestling with a cold, but hope to get back to my cross stitch once I’m feeling civilized again.  Somehow, knitting isn’t as satisfying as it was 25 years ago; maybe that’s because I’ve mastered most of the really interesting projects, including making socks, intarsia (think Argyles), Shetland knitting, and Arans and Ganseys.  The only thing left to learn, that I can think of, is how to knit two socks at the same time, like that old peasant nursemaid in War and Peace.  If I ever nail that one down, I’ll let you know.

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