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On Sunday, our computer crashed.  We’ve only had the thing a little more than a year, and it has, I think, 80 gigabytes of hard drive (when we took it back to Staples, where we bought it, the sales clerk described it as a “beast”), so this shouldn’t have happened.  But I turned it off before church on Sunday morning, and when we returned home and I went to boot up, it wouldn’t boot.

Let me tell you — getting it all back has been a pain.  First we had to get a hard drive, and I didn’t want to replace Vista, which we hadn’t been using anyway; so we purchased Windows 7, and now have to learn how to use that.  Then, all our documents were lost, of course, and of course, we’d grown lax about saving them to a flash drive.  When DH asked if we could possibly recover them, we were told that, sure, it would be possible — for a minimum $1200.00 (according to the manufacturer of the hard drive that went south on us).

Then I remembered something.  On  Saturday I had had a notice from our seucrity program, Norton 360, that we hadn’t backed up our files in awhile, so as a matter of course, I took care of that.  If our files had been saved onto the hard drive, we were out of luck; but if they had been saved to an external source, there was a chance we could retrieve them.  So last night, I sent an e-mail to Norton to ask about the situation —

— and they were backed up and saved on Norton’s own computers.  The download took just about an hour, and we didn’t recover everything — my new cross-stitch projects didn’t come through — but all our documents are available, and thank heaven for that!!  Now it’s just (perhaps I should say “just”) a question of transferring them from the file created to store them into the My Documents section of Windows 7. 

It’s not as easy as it sounds; there are a lot of new bells and whistles on Windows 7 that I expect will keep us both tearing our hair out for the next month or so.  And all my Favorites sites are gone, so I’ll have to see what I can do about rebuilding that special page where I had my Top 9 sites available at the click of a button — I don’t even know if such a thing is possible with Windows 7.  But at least we are back in touch with the outside world.

Now, whether or not that’s a good thing…

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