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Today’s prompt:  What’s the single most important thing you accomplished in 2010?

I know what it was for me, but let me take a minute here to define “important.”

Most people’s definition of “important” seems to revolve around being successful in business, or in sports, or in entertainment (and if that’s the case, please get a real life!!!).  The more altruistic among us might think in terms of how many hungry people they fed, or how many hours they put in at the soup kitchen or homeless shelter, or how many abused children they fostered, or…fill in your own favorite cause.  How many trees they hugged??  (Before you start looking up my address to throw logs through my window:  I’m a closet tree hugger.)

But I would like to submit that there are some people in this world whose most important task ever was that they got out of bed in the morning, and got back into it at night.  And that they do this every morning and every night, and it’s important because it means that for one more day, they said “No” to self-destruction.  For one more day, they consented to live with crushing despair and to trust in their Creator, Who seems impossibly far away at the moment — but they’ve decided to trust that they are on this earth for a reason they can’t imagine, but there must be some reason they are here.

That’s why you should be nice to everybody you meet, ’cause you don’t know who is fighting, with all his might, to consent to staying alive.  And you don’t want to be the one who tipped the balance.

As for my own most important task of 2010:  I got back on track with my life, at last, at long last.  Read the posts from the Summer and Autumn of 2006 for an idea of why that’s important.  For the first time since all that began — I’m able to clean my house.  I have a schedule that I can stick to for keeping my life orderly and tidy.

For the first time since all that began, I can go for walks.  True, I still crawl at a snail’s pace, and that’s because, as I recently found out, one of my legs is out of alignment.  (As an aside:  I’ve lived with that situation for  8 1/2 years, and I can’t understand why it took a massage therapist, working on my out-of-whack back, to pick up that I can’t walk because my leg is out of alignment.  What do they teach in med school these days?!?!)  I used to love to walk — my daily walk was a minimum of three miles — and for 8 1/2 years, I’ve been missing out on that.  Now I can.

So no, I haven’t saved the planet, and I haven’t saved a child, and I haven’t saved anybody’s soul — too busy working on my own soul — but baby steps, baby steps.  I have a routine back in place.  It’s a start.

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