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“Have you ever considered writing a book? If so what would it be about? Make a list of the ideas you want to cover, or the themes it might have. If you’ve never considered writing a book, what other major work have you thought about (a movie? a symphony?). Write a paragraph or two about what you imagine it would be like.”

As readers of this blog already know, not only have I considered writing a book, but I’ve actually written three of them.  All unpublished.  I did think I had a publisher at one point, but she wanted too many changes in ways that I considered would have weakened the plot and the impact, so they remain unpublished, and likely will do so until I’m in my grave.  And just as well, since they invite the reader to consider the KGB in a different light, as simply another law-enforcement agency.  This is not to suggest that it is just another law-enforcement agency, but rather that it might employ the occasional individual who just wants to serve his country and his society, as opposed to exercising power over same.  My hero is actually rather an ordinary person, who just wants to do his job in peace.  His wife is, as all good wives should be, anything but ordinary.  And thereby hang the tales, all three of them.

I left in the rest of the prompt, about other artistic endeavors, because I would dearly love to write music, and it ain’t never gonna happen.  Ideas come into my head in words, not in pictures or in sounds.  I can give you back a sound that is a pretty close approximation of the original, but in terms of an original sound…  No.  Not ever.  Sigh.  Similarly, I would love to produce real art, as opposed to the paint-by-numbers variety that I actually do, which is all that counted cross stitch is:  You copy someone’s masterpiece color for color, shade for shade, except where you lose track of what color you actually should be using, which happens with distressing regularity.  But while the artist himself would doubtless have conniptions over a soft shade of pink that was actually supposed to be a soft shade of peach, I find that it rarely makes all that much of a difference once the piece is stitched.  However — original art it ain’t.

I also left in the entire prompt to get you thinking about your own creativity.  Creativity is shockingly neglected in modern life, and especially in modern American life.  We don’t consider something creative unless it shocks and offends, and that’s sad, because we should be able to create oases of beauty in our own lives, wherever our own creativity takes us — whether it’s a symphony, a magnum opus of music or writing, or a stunningly good loaf of homemade bread.

There’s another reason why creativity is so important.  When we reach deep into ourselves to tap that vein of personality that is crying out for expression — if we reach deep enough, we find that we grasp the hand of our Creator.  And, like children imitating the actions of a beloved parent, we imitate our Creator, by creating something unique to who we are.  God is endlessly creative, and sin — those places where we miss the mark of being as godlike as we can — sin is so crashingly boring.  Try keeping track sometime of all those horrible little things that you know you shouldn’t be doing.  It won’t take long to see that it’s always the same damn thing.  In other words, the exact opposite of creativity.

So create, already.

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