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Post-a-Day: Dino Days

“Your phone, laptop, tab, ipad and desktop are dead. Will you make it through a normal working day and evening? What would you miss the most?”

I was about to write that “one of my favorite TV shows is NCIS,” but actually, it’s the only TV show I watch these days.  (I’d watch Glee, if it weren’t opposite NCIS.)  Anyway, occasionally they’ll do a show in which the power in the building goes on the fritz, and all the Young Things are scrambling to do the jobs they’ve always done with computers and other specialized crime-fighting Technology — and Gibbs, the team leader played by Mark Harmon, comes along with some antiquated piece of equipment that everybody used B.P.C. (Before Personal Computers) to get the job done — like the mimeograph machine, my favorite, because I remember them but never actually got the hang of one myself.

So.  In the scenario above, everything is Dead, Dead, Dead.  No telephone, no laptop, no “tab” (saywhat?), no i-pad, no desktop.  Will I make it through a normal workday?  Probably not, considering how workplaces worldwide depend on all this Technology.  In such a scenario, I could get through all the filing in the office and probably straighten out my desk, but that would be it.  Which would be a terrible waste, because without a telephone, you can get so much more work done.

Did I ever mention how much I hate telephones??  I will go to the most extraordinary lengths to avoid using a telephone, making all my personal appointments in person and crafting deathless prose on gorgeous letterhead rather than picking up the receiver and punching numbers.  (I almost wrote, “dialling.”  There’s a reason those NCIS episodes resonate with me.)  E-mail has been my lifeline practically since it was invented.

Now, my personal life is a different matter.  I was just thinking yesterday, in fact, that if I’d had access to modern technology when I was living overseas, I’d have stayed much more in touch with my family and friends and never have had any excuse at all to get out of the house and learn about the culture I was living in.  And what a rich life experience I’d have missed.  I tell you, really living day to day in a foreign culture is such an eye-opener.  (But you have to do it for at least a year.)

With that in mind, oh gosh — I’d drift from cross stitch to my latest book (either the one I’m reading or the one I’m plotting), to getting the house Really Clean, to baking my own bread — maybe — if the oven was working — to going for a long, long walk in the fresh spring air….

Eventually I would miss my “friends in a box” and want to be in contact with them, and at that point I’d miss my technology.  But for a day or two, I’d really appreciate a techno-free day.  Especially without a telephone of any kind.

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