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“What would you do differently if you were president or Prime Minister of your country for a day?”

OK, maybe not the world.  Maybe just the USA.  Point is, one day wouldn’t do it.

I’d want to put a stop to foreign aid.  All of it.  The countries that ostensibly need it, have had it coming in now for, what, fifty years?  And it hasn’t done any good whatsoever.  And some of the countries that are still getting it, are in better shape than we are.  Big savings right there.

I’d have some collection of environmentalists in Congress do a serious study on how to drill for oil in those portions of the USA that still have huge oil reserves — there has to be a way to get it out of the ground without ruining the environment altogether.  While doing that, I’d get together a coalition of Congress weenies whose task would basically be to brainwash the populace into remembering that mass transit is a good thing.  That would be the foundation for re-instituting trains and trolleys around the country.  And there wouldn’t be any flights for distances under 500 miles.  Take the train, idiot — it’s easier on the nerves and better for the environment.

Then I’d want a Congressional committee to undertake a judicial review of the duties of the Supreme Court, and see if there isn’t a way to reverse some of its more idiotic decisions.  I mean, if this really is a government of the People, shouldn’t laws be written that reflect the values of the People?!  So if the majority in a given community wants a Christmas display, shouldn’t that be what decides the matter?  Those nine old buzzards have been making law for far too long, and that’s not their job.

And I’d re-institute the draft.  I think I’d broaden it just a bit, to include civil service, so the twitbrains who don’t want to serve their country couldn’t whine about becoming cannon fodder.  Oh, and based on past performance, I’d raise the legal age for both sexes to 25.  New brain research indicates that your brain doesn’t stop growing till you’re about 30, anyway, so 25 is a fair age.  Once you learn how to put other people’s lives before your own selfish interests, then you’re old enough to vote.  No exceptions.

Likewise, no educational exceptions.  If you can’t be bothered to learn English, go home.  I actually don’t have a problem with Americans learning a second language, but if it’s going to be mandatorily Spanish, then Spanish speakers should have to learn German, Russian, Polish, Italian, Japanese, Chinese…  You get the idea.  Just — learn English.  It’s simpler, in the long run, and all our ancestors had to learn it to get anyplace.

Oh, and I’d make the immigration laws much more balanced.  Currently, there’s an actual law that discriminates against Europeans of any kind  coming to this country to live.  It massively favors Third-World nations.  That’s plain silly.  We lose a lot of talent from Eastern Europe, and we’re stuck with people like that pulmonologist who insisted that my husband had lung cancer because he couldn’t think of any other reason for that embolism lodged in my husband’s lungs.  (It was an infection that had started in his big toe, for crying out loud — and it was my dentist who connected the dots, long before the thought occurred to any doctor.)

So I’d need two terms, at least, to get all this rolling.  As I’ve said before — a monarchy would be infinitely better.  But since I don’t live in one, and don’t plan to move to one — my husband  doesn’t seem to like the idea — I’m stuck with what we got.

God help us.    😉

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