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Oh, yeah, I just realized — the NaBloPoMo theme for this month is Beginnings.  NaBloPoMo stands for National Blog Posting Month.  I blew it off for most of last year, mostly because it was so difficult to get online, with one computer and a retired husband; and given that the same conditions still exist, I’m not sure how much more blogging I will be able to do this year, either.  But I try, I do try.

“Beginnings” is a natural theme for January.  The start of a whole new year, the whole feeling of newness and Endless Possibilities (something of a joke in our family:  this was one of my mother-in-law’s favorite phrases, when my husband was young and had his whole future before him)…  December is so Last Year.

The problem is that at my time of life, Beginnings are harder and harder to come by.  They begin to look more like Retreads.  I was just watching one of the interminable political ads last night, this one for Mitt Romney, in which he referred to the current occupant of the White House as “this pessimistic President,” and my first thought was, “Jimmy Carter?”  Nothing new under the sun.

The other thing you become increasingly aware of, is that the only true fresh Beginning is the moment of conception.  One second there’s nothing, and the next — the future of the world has begun, two cells multiplying into four, into eight, into sixteen, and so on, truly the future of the world, for who among us can know what impact this new life will have on its family, its neighborhood, its community, and maybe even the world?  Could George Washington’s parents have predicted their son’s impact?  (Not to mention the more notorious, not to say heinous, members of the human race…)

Other than that, though, all Beginnings are preceded by Endings.  The accepted beginning of new life is the end of a pregnancy.  The beginning of school is the end of total dependency on the parents.  The beginning of a career is an end to school, though hopefully not to education.  The beginning of a marriage is the end of the Self; no matter how long you are married, the person you married has an indelible impact on you, as you do on that person, and the Self cannot be the same person it would have been if it had remained single.

Every Beginning is preceded by an End.  And every ending heralds a new beginning, including the end of Life As We Know It, to crib a phrase from Star Trek.  I feel so sorry for people who don’t believe in eternity.  What, just because you don’t know anybody who’s been there and back, it doesn’t exist?!  Where would we all be if Columbus had felt the same way?!  Still thinking the earth was flat, among other things.  Not to mention the notion of Cosmic Justice:  People who get away with murdering millions of innocent souls shouldn’t be able just to die in their beds in peace, to put the thing at its crassest level.

Like most people, I’m a little nervous about the Ending, and not all that sure about what the Beginning will look like.  But I am confident in its advent, and full of hope for the future.

There, now I’ve done my NaBloPoMo duty.  We now return you to your irregularly scheduled program.

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