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Do you like the color of your eyes?  If you could change them to another color, what would it be?”

Hah!  My first reaction was, I’d change them in a second.  When I was a girl, I couldn’t tell what color my eyes were, and it drove me crazy.  They weren’t brown, and they certainly weren’t blue.  Around the time I reached maturity (chronologically speaking), I realized that the color I look best in was brown, and that settled it:  I wished, with all my heart, that I had brown eyes.  Not a wussy brown, either – dark, rich chocolate brown.  Yum.  I married a brown-eyed man, and our son has brown eyes, and i used to love looking into them when he was a baby and a small boy.

And I had a friend who had ice-blue eyes, a really striking color.  I knew a girl at work who had ice-green eyes, also striking, and I knew a man at work who had sapphire-blue eyes – how often do you see that?  Most people with blue eyes have a light-blue color.  All of them were preferable to whatever-the-heck color my eyes were – at least you could tell what color they were.  My eyes were so nondescript that on my driver’s license, I listed them as “hazel,” since I had no idea what hazel looked like and I had no idea what color my eyes were.

Then one day, somewhere in my thirties, I took a really good look at my eyes and realized that they were a color, after all:  they’re green.  They aren’t that wonderful ice-green, and they aren’t forest-green, but they are definitely green, and while I’m not crazy about being the Green-Eyed Monster – yes, I know that refers to jealousy, but the association is inevitable – I do actually like having green eyes.  It’s an unusual color, distinctive, even, and it helps to keep that in mind when shopping for clothes and accessories.  I rarely, for instance, wear anything blue or black.  Lots of green, lots of cranberry, and yes, brown is still my favorite color, and will be as long as my hair retains even a modicum of that color.

I’m reminded of an ad that was on television several years ago.  A man and a woman are buying a car, and the salesman looks at them and says, “So, we’re agreed:  the blue car, right?”  The husband nods, and the wife says, “Wait a minute, I thought we agreed on brown.”  “Blue,” butts in the salesman, and the husband nods, then turns to his wife and says condescendingly, “Brown is the color of dirt.”  (The way his lips curl, you can tell he’s really saying, “the color of sh*t,” but they can’t say that on TV.)  And she looks him square in the eye and says, “It’s also the color of my eyes.”  And the two men look at each other, nod their heads, and say simultaneously, “Brown.”

I think I’d like a green car.

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