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Lost in Cyber-Space

One of th

e problems with letting a thing go for too long – as I did with this blog – is that you lose track of “improvements” that are made to the site, and then you have to re-navigate things that used to be simple, like how to post.  I just spent five minutes trying to figure out how to add a post to my site.  And the sad thing is … I’m not entirely sure why I’m bothering.

Yesterday was Church Music Sunday in the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese.  If anybody happens to read this post, and knows why this ego trip was instituted, I’d like to know the reason.  Because as far as I can tell, an ego trip is all it is.  One Sunday a year, we all get to Congratulate ourselves on what an Invaluable Contribution we make to the life of our parish.  And then we arrange the rest of our singing life around what else is happening.  I know I’m not the only choir director who never knows how many singers she’ll have on any given Sunday because, you know, “My family is visiting.”  Or, “My granddaughter’s soccer team is playing, and I have to go see her.”  Or, “We’re going to Disney World.”

This, however, is my favorite statement on the subject:

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